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New Moon: "the Sea will hold you"

I want to write to you because I miss you, and I wonder if you are feeling the sense of spinning, of lostness—with glimpses of foundness—that has been my companion these last few months. I’ve been wondering if you too are melting and finding shrapnel buried in the ooze, and courage at your core. I have no doubt that your life is changing too—inside or out—and I wonder whether you feel in charge of that change, or surrendered to it, or somewhere else… when I began writing the first draft of this post, I felt somewhere else. Now it has been a few more days and more upheaval has, is coming, in more waves, and there is something more like surrender there…and this surrender does not feel passive. It feels like it is anchoring me to the only thing that is steady in my world right now: my soul. Without the upheaval I might not even be able to feel that place. As I’ve been watching this New Moon coming, I have wanted to write you and ask you how the world is shape shifting you right now. And I

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