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Mystery's Cookpot 🍲 A Program Offering

Mystery’s Cookpot Siblings! Come together and feel your fingers sink down in the clay. As you roll it between your palms, let the clay of your body speak safety and intention to it. Then, together, layer by layer, we will lay our clay coils to build our cooking vessel. This will be our cookpot of transformation for our months together. Let us begin! We will gather the ingredients for this co-evolution. What is it in   you that wishes to simmer and cook, to gestate as Autumn tumbles into Winter and Winter rises into Spring? What energy of yourself do you wish to transmute in our collective cooking pot? The Land will be our guide. This Land, our Mother, who holds all of what has come before us and the potential for all that is to come, offers the deepest resource for guidance. We will choose to be part of the Land, quieting the revving of daily living, and thus be able to be in embodied conversation with Her.   With this orientation, we will step into the wonder of ourselves and the Land

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