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Embodying Earth Spring 2024 Offerings

Ritual provides us with beautiful ways to embrace our inspirited bodies, to commune and communicate with our greater Self: the Earth. Let’s come & explore together our own embodiment as part of Creation, using ritual, council, & expression to explore our courage, playfulness, & cosmic hearts. Daylong Workshop: Sat. March 30 Willingness to Witness For this outdoor workshop, we will gather on the land and work with our own ability to be with ourselves, each other, and the Earth that surrounds and is us. Our presence to our own aliveness is the greatest gift. Anticipate opportunity to be playful, deep, & spacious. Workshop includes guided body & ritual practices; opportunities to   s l o w time, group & personal reflection & sharing, and a personal wander on the land. Saturday March 30 • 10:00am-4:00pm • outside near Trinidad • $60-125 sliding scale Inder holds reverence for cyclical wisdom and seeks…continual evolution. She welcomes guidance from our inner div

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